Who We Are

At Pegasus, we strive to deliver an experience for our customers unlike any other. We believe that enterprise-level experiences should be available to companies of every size.

Our Fortune 500 IT knowledge enables our customers to move through the uncertainties of technology change with confidence. The Pegasus team’s flexibility and responsiveness make it easy for you to focus on what you do best.

We invest in our people and emphasize our culture, which extends to everyone we work with. When we earn your business, we work hard to keep it. For us, it’s not just business. It’s personal. We care.

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Our Approach

L2 + D2 = E2

L2: We LISTEN to you and LEARN your business
D2: So you can always trust us to DESIGN the right solutions that DELIVER business value
E2: While providing ELEVATED EXPERIENCES every step of the way

Our Vision, Our Values and Our Mission

OUR MISSION: We value people and emphasize relationships while solving business challenges through technology.

OUR VISION: Enterprise IT experiences for every company.


Do What’s Right
When our team members make decisions based on integrity, everyone wins. It’s how we approach business, partnerships, customer relationships, and each other. In any situation, just do what’s right. It’s as simple as that.

Work Hard + Have Fun
We work hard, we go above and beyond, and we help each other. Passion, drive, hunger, and dedication are ingrained into our mindsets. We also think it’s possible to have fun while doing it, because life is too short not to celebrate successes.
Be Resilient
Resilience is necessary in the always-changing technology industry. It means we will not only overcome obstacles, but we’ll learn from them and come out stronger together. We believe that the way a team responds to pressure or change shows true character.

Experience the Pegasus Difference

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