Guarding Against Today’s Cyberthreats

As companies embrace new infrastructure architectures, they introduce vulnerabilities that extend beyond the perimeter to the edge of the network. Mobility, cloud, and IoT mean the network and endpoints become targets for cybercriminals. Organizations must protect their remote and digital workplaces, as well as cloud and IoT sensor data.

Your business needs to gain visibility and control to proactively respond to potential attacks, such as ransomware attacks. Pegasus offers all the Security Solutions your company needs to secure your network, endpoints, and systems.

How Pegasus Became a Sports Team’s Official Managed IT Provider


A Two-Pronged Approach to Security Solutions

Pegasus provides Security Solutions for both prevention and remediation.

Prevention: For prevention, Pegasus has dedicated Managed Security Services. Our experts run security assessments and testing to identify any potential security vulnerabilities. We ensure all measures, plans, and trainings are implemented to give your business a robust security posture.

Remediation: If we have helped you with prevention and you still experience an attack, we receive an alert. Our security team immediately starts restoring your network with minimum downtime and interruption.

If you find yourself in the midst of a security breach and don’t have a plan for it, Pegasus can jump in to help remediate the current breach and then work with you on a plan for the future.

Pegasus as a Security Partner

Pegasus can ensure that your business is ready for the ever-changing threat landscape. We offer advanced threat detection, analytics-driven cyber protection, and secure network-access control. Pegasus prepares your organization to take a proactive approach to cyberattacks by ensuring your IT environment is securely configured.

We offer full Managed Security Services on a monthly basis or help with an isolated project or incident. Our team of security experts can assist any kind of organization in enhancing network, endpoint, internet, and cloud security.

Managed Security Services

Pegasus offers custom Managed Security Services for all types of companies.