Taking a Proactive Approach to Security

Today’s companies can’t afford to take a reactive approach to cyberthreats, such as ransomware. Instead, organizations must be proactive by monitoring their environments, identifying potential threats, and responding to them before they can infiltrate systems and steal or compromise vital information. Pegasus Technology Solutions helps companies strengthen their cybersecurity stance through detection and response, risk management, and security awareness training.

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Security Detection and Response

Organizations face challenges when trying to detect and respond to modern cyberthreats. Lack of 24/7/365 monitoring, security operations skills gaps, and an insufficiently staffed security team means threats go unnoticed, resulting in extensive damage. Many major data breaches occur because alerts are overlooked or drowned out by the white noise of false alarms. We’ve found that 70% of new customer environments have latent threats that have been lurking undetected.



Security operations experts leverage your existing tech stack to identify advanced network, endpoint, and cloud threats.



24x7 coverage and guided response stops threats before they can do harm.



Find the root cause of attacks, validate remediation, and collaborate to continuously improve your overall security posture for proactive protection.

Security Risk Management

The complexity of the process of identifying and managing security risks within an organization’s environment makes preventing incidents incredibly difficult. Basic information, such as what assets exist and which systems have vulnerabilities and are misconfigured, is difficult to generate. Even when this information is available, security management processes overwhelm the security team because existing tools generate too many alerts that lack context. As security teams struggle with how to prioritize alerts, threats accumulate and leave organizations vulnerable to threats and damaging data breaches. Research showed that 83% of threats can be prevented by meeting the CIS Controls.



Identify and categorize risky IaaS Services, SaaS apps, assets, and accounts to gain full visibility into your current attack surface.



Understand your current digital risk posture and identify gaps relative to best practices.



Harden your environment by knowing when you’re exposed and prioritize security posture improvements.

Security Awareness Training

Cybercriminals target employees, knowing that most of the work force can’t recognize the signs of an attack. Research shows that 82% of data breaches result from employee actions. Hackers often use social engineering to stage phishing attacks by sending emails infected with malware that seem to come from authority figures or co-workers. Companies need to turn employees into a line of defense against threats instead of a vulnerability. Organization scans equip employees to decrease cyber risk by building an awareness training program that is based on microlearning and supervised by awareness experts.


Microlearning ensures that employees are kept informed about the latest threats and how to stop them at the point of attack.

Awareness Coaching

Awareness coaching provides expertise and guidance to security teams that are looking to increase the maturity of their awareness program; sustain new, long-term employee behavior; and promote a culture of security within their organization.


Educate and prepare employees to stop social engineering attacks, such as phishing.


Identify employees that fall behind and determine which threat topics require reinforcement.


Achieve a culture of security and strengthen cyber resilience.

“When our backs were against the wall in a potentially devastating way due to this Ransomware attack, the Pegasus MSP Team instantly reinforced our decision to trust them with our IT. I do not hesitate to give Buck Jones and the entire Pegasus team my full endorsement. We are proud to call Pegasus Technology Solutions the Official Managed IT Provider for the Frisco RoughRiders.”

-- Andy Milovich, Former President & General Manager
Frisco RoughRiders Baseball

Why You Should Partner With Pegasus for Cybersecurity

Pegasus has proven itself to be the ideal Managed IT Services Provider for companies throughout North Texas. Pegasus can ensure that your business is ready for the ever-changing threat landscape. We offer advanced threat detection, analytics-driven cyber protection, and secure network-access control. Pegasus prepares your organization to take a proactive approach to cyberattacks by ensuring your IT environment is configured securely.

We offer full Managed Security Services monthly or for an isolated project or incident. Our team of security experts can assist any kind of organization in enhancing network, endpoint, internet, and cloud security.

Pegasus takes a two-pronged approach to security, providing Security Solutions for both prevention and remediation.


For prevention, Pegasus has dedicated Managed Security Services. Our experts run security assessments and testing to identify any potential security vulnerabilities. We ensure all measures, plans, and training courses are implemented to give your business a robust security posture.


If we have helped you with prevention and you still experience an attack, we receive an alert. Our security team immediately starts restoring your network with minimum downtime and interruption.

If you find yourself in the middle of a security breach and don’t have a plan for it, Pegasus can jump in to help remediate the current breach and then work with you on a plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can organizations improve their cybersecurity posture?

Organizations can improve their security posture by taking a proactive approach to security that involves detection and response. Companies should be able to identify threats before they can cause damage, find root causes, and prevent a similar attack from happening in the future. Pegasus can help you prevent cyberattacks by providing monitoring and threat detection and response, as well as risk management.

What are the most common cybersecurity threats?

Today’s threat landscape includes ransomware attacks and threats to endpoints, such as IoT devices and devices used by remote workers. These devices provide vulnerable entry points for hackers. Pegasus security services and solutions help your company gain the visibility into your network and devices needed to detect and respond to threats.

What are some best practices for responding to cybersecurity incidents?

While the best approach is to prevent cybersecurity incidents fromhappening, any event that doesoccur should be responded to immediately to minimize damage. Identifying the threat and its rootcause willgive your company the information you need to remediate the attack, fill security gaps,and prevent an attack from happening in the future.

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