Monitor, Detect, and Defend Against Cyberthreats

Every business needs to take a comprehensive and proactive approach to IT security. Companies must do more than implement security tools. They need to develop a security strategy that protects data, the network, cloud resources, and critical endpoints.

Our Managed Security Services go above the standard monitoring tools by our ability to help improve your company’s overall security posture. With Pegasus, you get Managed Detection & Response and a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) Team. We not only help protect from Ransomware and cyberattacks, if a breach does occur our team has the processes in place to take immediate action to remediate and mitigate the impact on your business.

Ransomware Remediation for a Sports Team


A Two-Pronged Approach to Security Solutions

Cybercrime is increasing and hackers are constantly evolving their tactics, so it’s imperative to partner with a Managed Security Provider that stays on top of the latest attack vectors and trends. Pegasus provides Security Solutions for both prevention and remediation, so you can rest easy to know we have your back if the inevitable happens.

Prevention: Our experts run security assessments and testing to identify any potential security vulnerabilities. We ensure all measures, plans, and trainings are implemented to give your business a robust security posture. Our team is constantly monitoring your environment on your behalf to help you trust that we have your back.

Remediation: If we have helped you with prevention and you still experience an attack, we receive an automated, immediate alert. Our Security Operations Team instantly starts restoring your network with minimum downtime and interruption. We all know ‘time is money’ but it’s especially true for cybersecurity crime.

If you find yourself in the midst of a security breach and you don’t have a plan for it, Pegasus can jump in to help remediate the current breach and then work with you on a plan for the future.

Pegasus MSSP Capabilities

Pegasus can serve as your organization’s 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC), delivering Managed Security Services through a convenient as-a-Service model. We can either augment or serve as your IT security team.

Pegasus Managed Security Services Include:
     •  Network Inspection
     •  Log Analysis & Search
     •  Advanced Threat Detection
     •  Cloud Security
     •  24x7 Monitoring
     •  Managed Containment
     •  Endpoint Visibility
     •  Incident Response

We work to protect every part of a company’s critical infrastructure and deliver an improved security posture based on the latest threats. When your organization partners with Pegasus for Managed Security Services, you gain peace of mind from knowing that your company is safe from attack.

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