As-a-Service Offerings

Transforming IT With aaS Offerings

Companies are looking for IT consumption models that are flexible, transparent, and cost efficient. As-a-service models have transformed traditional IT by allowing organizations to generate more insights from data.

Pegasus As-a-Service Offerings accelerate transformation to companies across all verticals. They provide the agility needed to react to rapidly changing conditions, continually innovate, and increase your reaction time to insights.

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Pegasus As-a-Service Offerings

Pegasus offers a range of As-a-Service offerings, including:

Infrastructure-as-a-Service to handle management, upgrades, and capacity planning

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service to ensure your company stays running even after a traumatic event

Backup-as-a-Service to protect mission-critical data and reduce downtime

Network-as-a-Service to reach performance goals and secure data in transit

As-a-Service the Pegasus Way

Pegasus’s consultative approach to As-a-Service Offerings empowers our clients to stay ahead of the competition. We align As-a-Service Offerings with your needs and desired business outcomes. Our offerings cover networking, infrastructure, and data protection to keep your company productive and profitable.

Transform Your IT Through As-a-Service Offerings