Financial Industry

Taking on the Tech so You Can Manage the Money

Financial services organizations face many challenges when managing money and handling client data. Companies in the finance industry need fast, reliable connections to handle high-velocity financial data. Maintaining strict security standards is essential to avoid becoming the target of a cyberattack, maintain a trustworthy reputation, and meet rigorous compliance standards. Technology must be working optimally at all times to deliver exceptional customer experience. Who plans, implements, and supports all that technology? As your MSP, Pegasus will listen to you, learn your financial business, and design the right managed IT solutions to deliver value.

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Pegasus Addresses the Top Challenges for Financial Organizations

Companies in the financial industry must find the right mix of software, servers, and services to support their business and achieve digital transformation. Pegasus provides the tools financial organizations need to elevate customer experience, meet internal and regulatory compliance, reduce human error, and boost profits.


Enhance Cybersecurity and Data Protection


2_Maintain Regulatory Compliance Requirements_

Maintain Regulatory Compliance Requirements


3_Achieve Always-On Availability for Improved Client Experience

Achieve Always-On Availability for Improved Client Experience



Support the Digital Transformation Journey



Stay Competitive Using a Flexible Consumption Model


Pegasus MSP Process

We deliver enterprise IT experiences for every company, including financial organizations of every type, from retail banking and private wealth management to CPAs and investment advisory firms. Pegasus uses a structured virtual CIO (vCIO) framework to build strategic relationships with our customers and handle standards alignment, lifecycle budgeting, client education, and new technology planning through regular Customer Business Strategy Review sessions. We have leveraged our experience with Fortune 500 companies to develop a set of standards we call our standard library.

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Core Infrastructure

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Server Infrastructure

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Business Continuity

Why Choose Pegasus MSP

Financial organizations should choose Pegasus as their MSP because the people, processes, and technologies that we leverage provide Fortune 500 Enterprise-level experiences for every sized company. Pegasus offers enterprise-class tools that drive the visibility and protection of financial companies’ IT assets and applications. We deliver security, regulatory compliance, private cloud options, network management, and streamlined DevOps with Kubernetes Security and management. Pegasus helps maintain compliance policies that are specific to the financial sector, including FINRA, GDPR, PCI, and SOX.

Webinar: Your Users Have Left the Building

Learn from Pegasus and Aruba how to extend your security best practices, such as access control and posture assessment, to remote users to reduce the risk of a security incident.