Healthcare Industry

Tackling the Tech so You Can Manage the Medicine

Healthcare organizations, whether they are doctors’ offices, medical centers, or major hospitals, rely on technology for everything from portal check-in to claims processing. Technology streamlines management, provides access to the latest research, allows healthcare teams to collaborate on diagnosis and treatment, and improves patient/doctor communication. Pegasus Technology Solutions helps healthcare providers procure and leverage technology, handling everything from strategy and planning to fully outsourced management.

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Pegasus Addresses the Top Challenges for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations must keep their technology up and running around the clock. However, medical providers don’t always have funds and IT talent needed to own their infrastructure and keep it available and running optimally 24/7. Pegasus provides the solutions, services, and expertise that hospitals, medical centers, and doctors’ offices need to serve patients while maintaining their privacy and keeping costs down.

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Enhance Cybersecurity and Data Protection


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Maintain HIPAA Compliance Requirements


TSL Icons_Healthcare_Challenges_Improve Patient Satisfaction-min

Improve Patient Satisfaction


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Performance and Integration


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Increase Availability with Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans


Pegasus MSP Process

We deliver enterprise IT experiences for every company, including all types and sizes of medical practices. Pegasus uses a structured virtual CIO (vCIO) framework to build strategic relationships with our customers and handle standards alignment, lifecycle budgeting, client education, and new technology planning through regular Customer Business Strategy Review sessions. We have leveraged our experience with Fortune 500 companies to develop a set of standards we call our standard library.

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Core Infrastructure

Pegasus_MSP Icons_Healthcare_Security-min


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Server Infrastructure

Pegasus_MSP Icons_Healthcare_Hardware-min


Pegasus_MSP Icons_Healthcare_Software-min


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Business Continuity

Why Choose Pegasus MSP

Pegasus MSP for Healthcare providers is an asset for your facility because we are a trusted managed service provider with dedicated, certified technicians and engineers. Through our state-of-the-art SOC and NOC, we provide cutting-edge technology and 24/7 monitoring to ensure availability and security. We are extremely successful in resolving issues remotely and can reduce operational costs by over a third. Pegasus managed services are scalable and available for a predictable rate that is affordable for medical providers. We also offer a wide array of leading medical software solutions.

Simplicity in Chaos

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