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At Pegasus, our leadership and team are like family. Every person is experienced, knowledgeable, and cares about what they do. They also have a sense of fun. Learn more about the Pegasus team by checking out our profile pics and bios.


1. Buck Jones_A-min 1. Buck Jones_B-min

Buck Jones

Founder & CEO

2. Dwane Ballard_A-min 2. Dwane Ballard_B-min

Dwane Ballard

Partner & CTO

3. Terry McGill_A-min

Terry McGill

Partner & CSO

6. Jason Thayer_A-min 6. Jason Thayer_B-min

Jason Thayer

Director of Managed Services

8. Shana Arevalo_A-min 8. Shana Arevalo_B-min

Shana Arevalo


7. Shannon Whitehead_A-min 7. Shannon Whitehead_B-min

Shannon Whitehead

Director of Marketing

9. Brad Jones_A-min

Brad Jones

Account Executive

_88A0016-4 _88A0023-1

Ken Salyer

Account Executive

11. Adam Thompson_A-min 11. Adam Thompson_B-min

Adam Thompson

Account Executive

Jeremy Jeremy_Fun

Jeremy Cowlishaw

Account Executive


Samantha Carpenter

Services Sales Representative

15. Hannah Breeding_A-min 15. Hannah Breeding_B-min

Hannah Breeding

Marketing Specialist

16. Jeff Cantu_A-min 16. Jeff Cantu_B-min

Jeff Cantu

Technical Account Manager

_88A0008-1 _88A0012

Michael Fregeau

vCIO/Service Delivery Manager

18. Michael Ramirez_A-min

Michael Ramirez

Senior Data Center Consultant

19. Travis Treadway_A-min 19. Travis Treadway_B-min

Travis Treadway

Technical Alignment Manager

22. Andy Pacheco_A-min 22. Andy Pacheco_B-min

Andy Pacheco

Senior Onboarding Engineer

Headshot_temp-01 Headshot_temp-01

Tim Mickey

Senior Service Desk Engineer/Escalation Engineer


Danielle Ward

Senior Service Desk Advisor

PaulTatum-1 PaulTatum-2

Paul Tatum

Senior Service Desk Advisor

MistieBeardmore MistieBeardmore_fun

Mistie Beardmore

Service Desk Advisor

_88A0035 _88A0050-1

Howard Venable

Service Desk Advisor


Jesse Barrera

Service Desk Advisor

TonyYarborough-1 TonyYarborough-2

Tony Yarbrough

Service Desk Advisor

_88A0043 _88A0042

Chris Barnett

Service Desk Advisor

Headshot_temp-01 Headshot_temp-01

Zack Venable

Service Desk Advisor

Diana Feeney

Diana Feeney

Service Desk Coordinator