How Does Managed Security Services Work?

The recent malware attack on U.S. Federal Agencies, including the Treasury Department, underscored how no organization is truly safe from cybercrime. Hackers, who were allegedly Russian, were able to compromise agency email systems by infecting third-party software from SolarWinds.

No matter what size or type of business you run, you need to develop a robust and comprehensive security strategy that protects against cyberattacks, such as those using ransomware. Enlisting a managed security services provider helps your company maintain vigilance while freeing your IT staff to attend to core business matters.

But how does managed security services work? With managed security services, you outsource your IT security to a team of security experts who monitor and manage your security systems.

Leveraging Security Expertise

Managed security services help your company strengthen its security posture by leveraging the expertise of a Security Operations team. Your managed security services provider (MSSP) should have a fully staffed 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC).

This SOC and its staff are dedicated to providing round-the-clock monitoring, threat detection, and threat response for your company. The SOC has all the people, processes, and technology needed to identify, analyze, and defend against potential attacks. The staff uses data processing technology to analyze traffic and pinpoint any suspicious patterns that may signal malicious behavior.

Using its team’s information security expertise, the MSSP can deliver a two-pronged security strategy that involves prevention and remediation.

Taking a Preventative Approach to Security

Managed security services go beyond monitoring to achieve a proactive and all-encompassing approach to security. By being proactive, the MSSP can prevent cybercriminals from infiltrating your company systems and causing damage by stealing or compromising mission-critical information or even interrupting business processes.

 A preventative approach to security focuses on detection. Security assessments and testing identify any potential threats before they can cause harm. Based on an understanding of your threat landscape, the MSSP can be on the lookout for malicious network traffic patterns. Advanced threat detection targets potential malware and tests its behavior, without interfering with production, by using a sandbox.

Providing Remediation

Prevention doesn’t always work, so your company needs something to fall back on. Cybercriminals are continuously releasing new strains of malware that are difficult to detect and adjusting their attack vectors so they are harder to prevent. That’s where remediation comes in.

 Remediation works to lessen the impact of a breach once it occurs. If a threat is detected, then it can be resolved, preventing it from snowballing and possibly incapacitating your business.

 When an attack occurs, an alert enables the security operations team at the MSSP to restore the system, avoiding any costly downtime. The dedicated security team can quickly respond, investigating the threat and making any necessary fixes, such as patching software. Managed containment prevents the spread of malware by isolating the threat.

Finding the Right Managed Security Services Provider

When choosing a provider for managed security services, you need to look for a company that will work with you to analyze your threat landscape and design a strategy that meets your unique needs.

 Pegasus provides more than security tools. We develop a customized security posture for your business. We help your company achieve a comprehensive security strategy for monitoring, detecting, and defending against cyberattacks.

 When you partner with us for Managed Security Services, you gain Managed Detection & Response from our 24/7 SOC. Our SOC delivers Managed Security Services that include network inspection, log analysis, managed containment, and incidence response through an as-a-service model.

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