Is Cloud Technology Good For My SMB?


Cloud technology is one of the latest and greatest tech advancements that makes business life so much easier if you know how to use it accurately and effectively. But, because of the nebulous nature of the cloud and the fact that SMB owners, operators, and C-level execs don't always understand exactly how it works, there's often a lot of pushback around whether or not it should be utilized as a tool in their own business, even if they use it regularly in their everyday lives without noticing. So is cloud technology the right fit for your SMB, and how can you combat pushback either in your own mind or within your organization? Let's dive a little deeper to find out.

Resistance to the Cloud

Most SMBs are, understandably so, not technology experts. You're busy being an expert in the industry you're serving, so why would you also invest all the time and energy necessary to become an expert in technology? Often, tech is seen as a necessary evil to owning and operating a business in today's world, which leads to mental and financial resistance when new tools come about. While the cloud isn't exactly "came out last week" new, it's still a fairly new tool in the grand scheme of things, and that newness creates resistance. You may not understand the larger vision of what technology can do for you - from creating efficiencies and economies of scale in your business, thus adding back to your bottom line.

Maybe your business has an IT department, but it's a small one - 1 or 2 people - who have a hard enough time keeping up with the technological demand already in place and therefore are unable, with their current bandwidth, to understand and devise a plan for implementing the latest and greatest technologies.

Advantages of the Cloud

Whether it's a lack of understanding or resources, it's important to know how the cloud can be a powerful and valuable tool in your business. By utilizing Cloud Technology Providers and Cloud Technology Service Providers, you can get away from the traditional in-house IT environment and never have to worry about patching, upgrading, or worrying about whether or not you have the technology expertise to get the business up and running.

There's no denying that quality tech is essential if you're going to keep pace in today's business world, and the customizable and flexible nature of cloud technologies make it an excellent fit for small and medium businesses. Cloud technologies are a simple and easy-to-use path to ensuring you're up to date on the most effective technologies available at a fraction of the cost.

Whether or not cloud technology is the "right fit" for your business may eventually be a personal decision, but it's hard to deny the necessity of staying ahead of the technological curve in today's business world, and the ease and affordability at which cloud technologies allow you to do that. When you're ready to learn more about what an effective cloud technology solution might look like for your team and business, we'd love to help by getting to know your business, your needs, and your goals better to guide you toward the best option for your vision.

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