My Top 2018 Takeaway

By Buck Jones, Founder & CEO


At the beginning of 2018 during our company-wide Sales Kickoff, I introduced a new mantra: "Culture Over Growth." This concept has become a way of life here at Pegasus, influencing every decision, initiative, strategic move - and has even made its way into some branded merchandise and a large accent wall at the entry of our office space. In thinking back at 2018, my top takeaway from the year is when the focus on Culture is placed before Growth... Growth actually happens. Here are the Top Three Ways we live out Culture Over Growth at Pegasus:


Pegasus Family

I am a firm believer that if we get the culture right, the growth will follow - which has proven to be 100% true! If we focus on the fulfillment and satisfaction of our people (which includes spouses and families too), then it will radiate out from there. We try to make Pegasus more than just a J-O-B... we are a family. We celebrate success, we have fun, we laugh, we work hard, we grow and learn together. We put each other before ourselves and the rest falls into place - that's exactly what this mantra embodies. (To Join Our Team, click here)


Our Partners

We are proud to implement the Industry's Leading Solutions, which comes from our relationships and trust with the Industry's Leading Partners. I know what you're thinking... everyone says that, but we actually live it. Pegasus doesn't approach a business partnership in the traditional way - we enjoy people and building relationships with Reps, Solution Architects and Leadership. When Culture Over Growth is applied together with our Partners, not only does everyone enjoy the process so much more, it consistently results in an elevated experience for our Customers. (For Our Partners Page, click here)


Our Customers

Our entire process and approach is not merely transactional, we are passionate about building a relationship with our Customers. Our goal is for Customers to feel pride by being part of the Pegasus Culture. Once we earn their business, we will never stop working hard to keep it. We focus on them as individuals, what keeps them up at night, their workstyle, what projects they have coming up this year, next year, in the next five years - and how Pegasus can help them leverage technology to propel their business forward. When we put culture first, everyone wins. (For More About Pegasus, click here)

I am proud of the entire Pegasus Team for embracing this mantra because it truly impacts every piece of our business. As we approach the new year, we celebrate the successes we have achieved together in 2018 and look forward with anticipation into all that 2019 will bring by continuing to place Culture Over Growth here at Pegasus.

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