Guidance Along the Cloud Journey

Companies are in different places on their cloud journey. Pegasus provides Cloud Solutions for organizations at any point along the way, from those in the consideration stages of cloud migration to recent cloud adopters, through to companies that are already in the cloud and want to optimize their resources. Pegasus Cloud Solutions simplifies the cloud journey and helps you get the most out of each stage.

Let Our Experts Guide You Through a Virtual Hybrid and Multicloud Assessment


Identify Your Stage in the Cloud

Pegasus Cloud Solutions can help any business in any stage along their cloud journey. Let us know where you are in your cloud maturity and we’ll get started customizing your cloud experience.

New to Cloud: We can lay out the options for you and provide recommendations on which cloud platforms will work best for your company. Our team creates customized cloud strategies that reduce complexity and give you confidence in your cloud. 

Moving to Cloud: We have tools, assessments, and dashboards to help you make workload decisions based around cost, security, asset management, resource utilization, and self-healing automation. We align with your business objectives and recommend an optimal mix of multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, or distributed cloud.

Already in the Cloud: As a premier partner of all the main cloud providers, we provide you with complete automated visibility across all your cloud computing to continuously optimize your resources and budget. Pegasus cloud experts are in the know when it comes to the daily changes in cloud releases, support, updates, and licensing.

Pegasus Cloud Capabilities

Pegasus is your company’s cloud champion. We offer cloud solutions from the top providers and give your business additional support from our certified cloud experts.

Cloud Platform Offerings
We offer every cloud model and give you many provider options.

  • Public Cloud (Amazon, Microsoft)
  • Multi-Cloud
  • Private Cloud (Pegasus, Equinix, AWS VPC, HPE Helion, Avant, & more)
  • Hybrid Cloud

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Offerings
Our IaaS offerings give your company agility through the ability to scale and protect data while keeping costs down.

  • Managed Cloud & IT Services
  • Cloud Storage, Backup, & Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Private Cloud On-Demand
  • Cloud Transformation, Adoption & Secure Migration
  • Cloud Monitoring, Management & Detection

Software as a Service (SaaS) Offerings
Our SaaS offerings give your company options for security, compliance, and developing a flexible and collaborative workplace.

  • Virtual Desktop
  • Cloud Security
  • Governance, Risk Management & Compliance
  • Cost Optimization & Right Sizing
  • Storage, Backup & DRaaS
  • Mobility Management
  • Productivity, Collaboration & Unified Communications
  • File Sync & Share
  • Analytics, AI, ML, IoT & more!

Pegasus Cloud Expertise and Services

Cloud Assessments: We provide leaders with a full picture of current-state environment, subscription model, and a clear path to migrate all resources while maintaining environment security, integrity, and ongoing requirements.

Cloud Migrations: We work together with leaders to completely understand the business goals and transition applications and workloads to, from, and within public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. We provide a painless migration experience with minimal business disruption.

Cloud Optimization: We take pride in keeping your cloud environment’s efficiency, performance, and value at its highest level. We use cross-account reporting and analytics dashboards to right-size and scale services, optimize workloads, and provide cost allocation and spend management.

Cloud Management: Our Cloud Experts become your teammates. They understand your business and equip you with the knowledge and tools relevant to your success. Our cloud experts continuously optimize and transform your IT resources into vital business drivers.

Cloud Support: Rather than solely relying on provider support, you will have an extended layer of trained support for immediate assistance towards resolution. We also provide guaranteed SLAs to support our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Cloud Solutions From Pegasus

Pegasus simplifies your cloud journey. We can develop a cloud strategy for your business for every stage in the cloud lifecycle. We can also guide you through cloud migration, making it a risk-free process.

Our cloud experts bring the account management and cost control tools needed to tailor cloud solutions for your needs.

Pegasus Cloud Solutions transform your IT resources into business drivers. Cloud Solutions have business agility benefits because resources can be scaled up or down easily to meet requirements. 

Optimize the Cloud

Learn how to make the most of your company’s cloud resources.