Hybrid On-Site and Cloud Data Protection for Disaster Recovery

Pegasus Technology Solutions can implement and maintain hybrid on-site and cloud data protection and business continuity solutions. Backups can be scheduled whenever they’re needed without impacting server performance. Your company will be able to restore data as quickly as possible, ensuring uptime and data recovery throughout the organization.

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Why You Should Work With Pegasus for Disaster Recovery

Pegasus has proven itself to be the ideal Managed IT Services Provider for companies throughout North Texas. Our scope, breadth, and depth of certified knowledge and experience with security, backup, and disaster recovery ensure that we bring the exact mix of expertise, product, service, and value to meet your requirements.

With Pegasus Disaster Recovery, you are protected in three ways.

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Off-Site Data Center

A copy of your data and server images is stored at a secure, SAS 70 II certified data center and is automatically sent on a preset schedule.

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All appliances are built with special chipsets to allow the operations of a failed server to fail over to the appliance until a server replacement is found.

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A device stays on-site in your workplace for fast backup and restores.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Data Backup Services

  • Available on Windows and Mac OS X machines
  • Continually protect desktops, laptops, servers, and more
  • Data recovery driven by the end user or administrator
  • Fast, network-speed recovery times from the local system
  • Restore whole volume or specific files, emails, or folders
  • Brick-level restore of Microsoft Exchange
  • Advanced Microsoft SQL Server support
  • Custom scheduling
  • Custom restore intervals for tight recovery point objectives (RPOs)
  • Back up opened files
  • Back up active directory

Disaster Recovery Services

  • Perform off-site backups according to an automated schedule
  • Eliminate the hassle of tape archives
  • Protection from fire, theft, sabotage, and natural disasters
  • Data encrypted at one of our data centers
  • In the event of a site failure, a new, fully replicated appliance is sent overnight
  • Custom point-in-time restore interval for tight recovery point objectives (RPOs)

Business Continuity

  • Configure frequency of disk image versioning
  • Save critical time by creating a complete server or desktop disk images for restoration to different hardware
  • Failover of physical or virtual Windows servers to the appliance in the event of an outage without downtime
  • Failback to the replacement server

Incident Response/Remediation

We leverage best-of-breed tools to respond and make effective decisions, with the power to extract those decisions across the entire network before the damage occurs or sensitive information is lost.

The first hour is critical to a successful response plan. Any breach is automatically escalated to our teams as Priority One the moment it occurs, which is within minutes for any customer that has our Managed Security in place.

Pegasus does not upcharge for the additional time needed to remediate, no matter how long our team must be on-site to fully remediate. We are equipped with the powerful tools, processes, and expertise to guide your company through a successful Incident Response Plan:

Assemble the Team

The Pegasus Team treats incidents as Priority One and is all hands on deck. We notify the customer often before they are aware of the attack and act immediately.

Recover and Rebuild

Reducing downtime, we use our backups to restore your network to get your business back up and running in the quickest manner possible. Learn from incidents and make sure they don’t happen again by implementing custom rules and workflows to harden your security posture against future attacks.

Detect and Determine Patient Zero

We uncover the root cause, the scope of the attack, and any additional threats while collecting critical information to help our Team make informed, quick decisions as we remediate. Hackers work quickly, so we must work quicker. Develop greater insight into your security posture with broad visibility, monitoring, and advanced threat detection.

Discuss Prevention

Looking back at the root cause of the breach, we can put measures in place to prevent future attacks and fill in any other potential security gaps to harden your security posture over time. In the case that the breach was a user error, we provide guidance to that user. If your company’s leadership deems it necessary, Pegasus can facilitate broad Security Awareness Training for your full Team as an add-on service.

Threat Containment

Our team responds to threats with automated timelining and triage. We conduct forensic state analysis to assess the damage and severity through an independent deep host inspection across every node on your network – physical and virtual. We ensure threats are contained through managed investigation and guided response before they can do damage.

Evaluate Response Effort

We evaluate every piece of our Managed Security and Managed Services that touched a remediation, but the most important feedback we can get is from the customer. We ask for validation that the vulnerability has been successfully remediated, while also verifying that it hasn’t returned. We garner feedback on our team’s response time, performance, and overall experience on this Guided Remediation.

“When our backs were against the wall in a potentially devastating way due to this Ransomware attack, the Pegasus MSP Team instantly reinforced our decision to trust them with our IT. I do not hesitate to give Buck Jones and the entire Pegasus team my full endorsement. We are proud to call Pegasus Technology Solutions the Official Managed IT Provider for the Frisco RoughRiders.”

--Andy Milovich, Former President & General Manager
Frisco RoughRiders Baseball

Data Center Environment

Pegasus provides our customers with data center environments for disaster recovery that are safe, secure, and high performance.


HVAC Temperature-Controlled Environment

HVAC systems provide the best conditions for operating equipment. They also minimize downtime caused by equipment failure. HVAC systems ensure proper airflow, temperature, and humidity. Temperatures are maintained at approximately 67-77° Fahrenheit with a relative humidity range of 40-60%. Uniform distribution of the cool air is ensured by using a raised floor with cold Plenum supply.

Power Protection

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with N+2 redundancy provides maximum uptime availability. It also guards against power spikes, surges, and brownouts. Multiple power grids are fitted with five redundant 1.8-megawatt backup generators. Each generator has 20,000 gallons of fuel capacity in a fully redundant architecture.

Earthquake and Fire Preparedness

State-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems limit the chance of damage if there’s a fire. Fire suppression systems and a Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus are placed above and below the raised floor. Cutting-edge earthquake protection stands up to category four earthquakes. It also includes safety measures, including bolting all racks deep into solid concrete and interconnecting cable trays to disperse seismic energy.


Physical Security

Pegasus uses an array of security equipment, techniques, and procedures. All access points are controlled, and all areas are monitored and recorded. Additionally, 24-hour security guards augment physical security features that include:

  • 24/7/365 on-site security
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of building and network
  • Level III explosion resistance standards met for exterior radius structure
  • Three-factor security
  • Authorized personnel to escort visitors at all times
  • 24-hour internal and external video surveillance retained for at least 60 days
  • Multiple mantraps with reinforced walls
  • Data transmission and data center encryption
  • All data encrypted during transmission from an appliance to the data center and while at rest in the data center

Network Security

Network systems maintain Quality of Service (QoS) by maintaining an order of precedence through packets prioritization. All network devices filter out DDoS attacks. Intelligent, multilayer access control protects the network from attack and reduces the chance of mistakenly discarding legitimate traffic.

SSAE 16 SOC 2 Certified

SSAE 16 SOC 2 Certified (replacing the SAS 70 Type 2) in-depth audits make data center operations transparent and verify that it has correct and compliant controls and safeguards for hosting and/or processing customer information.

Network Performance

A dynamically controlled Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) ensures uptime, excellent performance, and smart, fail-safe routing. Continuous monitoring of network performance maximizes connection speed and minimizes latency. Off-site backups are similarly optimized for ultimate efficiency.

Reliability and Scalability

Tier 1 backbone providers and multiple gigabits of provisioned bandwidth capacity provide maximum speed, reliability, and virtually unlimited scalability. Data growth demands are ensured through petabyte storage backend potential.


The network is reinforced with multiple layers of redundancy and security. It’s built for 100% availability through numerous redundant network connections and redundant router and switch configurations. Redundant enterprise-class servers are employed for load balancing, computing, and storage.


Pegasus helps our customers meet the rigorous requirements of HIPAA compliance. Keeping your data safe and secure is our #1 priority. Under HIPAA, healthcare providers must adhere to strict standards for data integrity, access, and audit controls for Protected Health Information (PHI).

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of disasters should my disaster recovery solution address?
A disaster recovery solution should handle both natural and man-made disasters. Natural disasters could include blizzards, hurricanes, wildfires, or floods. Man-made disasters could be intentional, such as an act of cybercrime or terrorism, or accidental, such as equipment failure or human error. Pegasus can help you prepare for any eventuality by providing disaster recovery at an off-premises or cloud data center.
What are the benefits of a disaster recovery solution?

A disaster recovery solution reduces business interruptions and allows your company to resume operations immediately after a disaster. Disaster recovery is a crucial part of the business continuity plan and should prevent data loss and enable rapid recovery. We work with your company to develop a disaster recovery plan that meets your business continuity requirements, including recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs).

What should I look for in a disaster recovery service?

Disaster recovery services should deliver reliability, scalability, performance, and compliance. Pegasus can deliver disaster recovery on-premises, at a secondary data center site, and in the cloud. We have data centers that deliver physical and network security, as well as redundancy at the level of the server and network. We meet HIPAA compliance, and our data centers are SSAE 16 SOC 2 Certified.

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