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This is what we call the "Pegasus Enterprise Lens".  An approach developed to provide our customers with better services and help them evolve their IT to fit their business needs exactly. This approach is how we deliver on our vision to provide enterprise IT experiences for everyone.

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The Best Standards for a Business's IT Landscape

This is our "Enterprise Lens approach". It all starts with the Pegasus standards library. Over years of solving Fortune 500 IT business challenges through technology, we’ve developed IT standards for all facets of an organization’s IT landscape, including:

General Technology Standards

Security Standards

  • NIST
  • ISO
  • Center for Internet Security
  • PCI

Our IT Alignment Processing

Our assigned consulting team will perform an alignment process during which we listen to you and learn about your current environment so we can understand where it is out of alignment. This alignment process will help us to identify risk and business impact, which in turn provides the foundation for us to design and deliver a strategic roadmap to evolve your technology.

We do this together with our customers and move at your pace. This process is proven and is the backbone of how we provide an elevated experience for our customers.

Benefits of Pegasus Enterprise Lens

Enterprise Lens Consulting Team

Virtual CIO

Your virtual CIO (vCIO) will serve as your lead Pegasus IT business consultant. The vCIO is responsible for identifying how misalignment with Pegasus standards could negatively affect your business and providing recommendations to support your business activities, prevent potential issues, and maximize your investment in technology.

Our vCIO serves as a true extension of your team, identifying your business goals, proactively monitoring changes in your environment and industry, and maintaining a pulse on emerging technologies. The vCIO ensures that you have the right technologies implemented for digital transformation. The goal is to support your business activities holistically, prevent potential issues, and maximize your IT investment.

Technology Alignment Manager

Your Technology Alignment Manager (TAM) leads the standards alignment meetings and performs the initial assessment and evaluation of how technology should best be configured, implemented, and utilized. The TAM is also your lead technical resource for maintaining your current environment, planning and leading quarterly business reviews (QBRs), and conducting ongoing employee IT education.

Proven Process

Unlike standard managed service providers, Pegasus combines technology alignment with vCIO for proven technology success.

Alignment Documentation

Alignment Documentation helps you and Pegasus develop a strategic roadmap for your entire IT infrastructure.

Strategic Roadmap

The Strategic Roadmap becomes a focal point for QBRs and allows us to have a living document that helps you evolve your IT at your own pace.

MyITProcess Portal

Your standards library and your strategic roadmap are dynamically developed and maintained in this portal for you to track and review at any time.

“When our backs were against the wall in a potentially devastating way due to this Ransomware attack, the Pegasus MSP Team instantly reinforced our decision to trust them with our IT. I do not hesitate to give Buck Jones and the entire Pegasus team my full endorsement. We are proud to call Pegasus Technology Solutions the Official Managed IT Provider for the Frisco RoughRiders.”

--Andy Milovich, Former President & General Manager
Frisco RoughRiders Baseball

Why Trust Pegasus Technology Solutions for vCIO

Through the Enterprise Lens approach and the help of a Consulting Team made up of a vCIO and TAM, Pegasus stabilizes your IT environment and aligns technology with your business. At Pegasus, we use our proven process to review the current state of your IT and business processes and evaluate where you stand compared to industry standards.

We meet regularly with our clients to conduct reviews and prepare and execute alignments. The vCIO promotes proactive relationships and dialogue by conducting C-Level discussions about how tech plays a role in your company and drives business. Our vCIOs serve as consultants, with the TAM running alignment meetings and generating reports. Our involvement extends to ongoing training for your staff.

At Pegasus, we have over 200 years of combined Fortune 500 experience. We’ve utilized this experience to design a unique and effective process that consistently delivers individualized and successful IT strategies to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual CIO?
A virtual CIO (vCIO) serves as your dedicated, lead IT business consultant. The vCIO works closely with your company to identify where your company’s technology diverts from standards and best practices and to provide recommendations to support your business activities, prevent potential issues, and maximize your investment in technology.
How is vCIO different from traditional managed services?
Unlike standard managed service providers, Pegasus combines technology alignment with vCIO for proven technology success. vCIO provides your company with a dedicated consulting team consisting of a vCIO and Technology Alignment Manager. While managed services allow you to outsource technology services, vCIO helps you develop a strategy that aligns technology with business goals and conducts regular alignment meetings to reassess your progress and make adjustments. 
What does a vCIO do that is different than an IT Manager?
While an IT Manager focuses on the day-to-day management and monitoring of technology, a virtual CIO takes a strategic approach to IT. The vCIO will work to align technology with business strategy and industry standards. 

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