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Application quality and customer experience demands are at an all time high and continue to evolve rapidly! This need for speed, scalability, and automation has quickly become a key business driver for critical application leaders to adopt a Cloud or Hybrid-Cloud strategy.

Without comprehensive cloud management, your business is vulnerable to security threats, application downtime, and data loss that can be crippling to the business. Pegasus is here to ensure that your business strategy is never hindered by your IT operational capabilities and security vulnerability.

Pegasus Cloud Managed Services provide advanced knowledge to support and secure your entire environment, fill in management gaps, and operations to propel your business even further.

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Pegasus Cloud Capabilities

Pegasus is your company’s cloud champion. We offer cloud solutions from the top providers and give your business additional support from our certified cloud experts.

What are Pegasus’ Managed Cloud areas of expertise?

  • Cloud Security (Monitoring, Management, and Response)
  • Public Cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP)
  • Private Cloud (on-prem, PTS private, colocation, etc.)
  • Multi-Cloud (multiple vendors)
  • Hybrid-Cloud (private and public)
  • Containers and Kubernetes Managed Services
  • Managed Cloud Optimization
  • Cloud Governance

What Does PTS Managed Cloud Services Provide?

  • 24x7 Performance Monitoring and Management for effective and rapid resolution
  • 24x7 End-to-End Cloud Security Monitoring, Protection, and Management
  • Significant Cost Savings (labor costs, operational optimization, vendor cost management)
  • Managed Business Continuity and Data Back-up for increased resilience
  • Fully managed Third-Party vendor interfacing and tier-3 direct access
  • Future-proof technology architecture, planning, and proactive management
  • Integrated and Customized Services that are flexible to operational needs
  • Security and Operational Posture Management to adhere to compliance and governance mandates (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, HITRUST)
  • Dedicated Virtual CIO and Technology Alignment Manager to enhance technology processes, strategy, and business alignment
  • Multi-tenant and Hybrid Cloud expertise for long-term optimized operational performance

Cloud Services & Security Solutions From Pegasus

Whether your company is looking to migrate to or have already established a Private Cloud, Public Cloud, or a Hybrid Infrastructure, Pegasus is here to transform your strategy into one of your greatest business drivers.

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